News 2016 Chongqing International Marathon Gets Under Way

2016 Chongqing International Marathon Gets Under Way


Changan Automobile's Chongqing International Marathon got underway at precisely 8:00 am, on March 20th, 2016. The event included a full marathon (42.195 km), a half marathon (21.0975 km) and a mini marathon run (5 km). The event attracted more than 30,000 runners. Led by XuLiuping, Chairman of Changan Automobile, 700 Changan Automobile employees participated in the Chongqing International Marathon, demonstrating the enduring spirit of the Changan team.

Changan Automobile sponsored this year's Chongqing International Marathon in hopes of encouraging people of all ages to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a regular fitness program.

This marathon event really highlighted both sportsmanship, and the idea of challenging oneself to achieve new things. Each participant was able to live and demonstrate Changan Automobile’s brand slogan of “Driving Forward with You.” Our slogan, like these runners, expresses a spirit of personal determination and a commitment.

Running a marathon requires not only great stamina, but also a spirit of determination. Inspired by this marathon spirit, Changan Automobile's research and development team has strived to move the entire Chinese automobile industry forward in vehicle technology and quality. Today, Changan has found success with the growing recognition of our extensive line of high-quality products, including: the Eado sedan, the CS35 and CS75 SUVs, and the New Benni city car.

Between January and February 2016, Changan Automobile sold over 201,875 vehicles. This year, Changan Automobile aims to increase sales by 10.6 percent versus 2015. In order to fulfil this target, Changan Automobile will launch 10 new or redesigned models this year. New models such as the CS15 SUV, CS95 SUV, Auchan (Ossan) MPV, and CX70 SUV have received positive press reviews and have raised consumer expectations.

Existing Changan models have already earned great respect and sales success. Some of those key models include, the CS35 SUV, CS75 SUV, and the Eado and Raeton sedans. The Raeton sedan will soon be redesigned. Our extensive slate of new and redesigned products will make 2016 a bumper year for Changan Automobile.

The marathon-like competition between Chinese automakers has pushed Changan Automobile to constantly forge ahead, seeking new ways to independently innovate and offer quality products and services to our customers. As a leading domestic automobile brand, Changan will continue in 2016 to find ways to move the entire Chinese automobile market forward to a better future.