News Changan Automobile Successfully Launches in Saudi Arabia

Changan Automobile Successfully Launches in Saudi Arabia


On the evening of 18th, May, Saudi Arabia time, Changan Automobile held a spectacular ceremony for launching the new models in the Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The politicians, major clients, media and potential customers were invited.

There were around 300 people including Mr.Liuqing Zhao, the economy counsellor of China Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Feng Xiao, vice president of Changan International, Ali Ibrahim Almajdouie, Abdullah Ali Almajdouie, the chairman and the president of Almajdouie Group-the Changan dealer in Saudi Arabia and other china corporation’s representatives.

“Saudi Arabia” means “the desert of happiness” in Arabic. The deserts occupy almost half of the land. Because it was really hot in daytime, the ceremony was held in the evening. This gave the event an air of mystery. In the time of welcoming the guests, Changan Automobile as the organizer, initiated an activity to let everyone get their Chinese signatures. People were very excited.

In the ceremony, the CEO of Changan dealer-Almajdouie Automotive, Mr.Almajdouie Yousef Alii gave his welcome speech at the beginning. He spoke highly of the Changan achievements and had great confidence both in future cooperation and in Changan Automobile.He claimed a better customer service in Saudi Arabia by improving the showrooms, spare parts supplies, new models launches and branding.

Later on, the vice president of Changan International, Mr.Feng Xiao introduced Changan by telling the brand history, industry position, international cooperation and technology advances. He address the strategy in Saudi Arabia market, giving guests the confidence in Changan.

At the end, management seniors from both companies had the group photo for the celebration. The coming guests then went on the stage to “feel” the new Changan models.

The successful ceremony is a milestone for Changan to develop the international market. With the enthusiasm of the deserts, Changan will be pursuing the innovation and excellence and giving the best experience.

Changan, driving forward with you!