News Take a Ride Inside Changan’s Latest Driverless Technology

Take a Ride Inside Changan’s Latest Driverless Technology


Chinese Automaker Unveils flagship SUV: The CS95 Debuts at Beijing Auto Show.

On April 25th, the fourteenth Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will open its doors to an excited crowd. Changan Automobile will be showcasing several popular models in booth number 07 in the W2 Pavilion, and showing off their latest groundbreaking innovation. Changan's “driverless” car drove over 2000KM to reach the event, proving the brand’s superiority in the field of automobile technology.

Changan's highly anticipated flagship SUV – the CS95 – will take center stage at the event, with its beautiful design and superior power set to catch the attention of event goers. This vehicle demonstrates the staggering success Chinese independent automobile brands are experiencing in vehicle manufacturing.

The CS95 is equipped with Changan's latest intelligent drive and intelligent interconnection technology.The CS95 integrates world leading power innovation, high efficiency and low consumption. The car employs the brand new 2.0T GDL engine, which is chiefly developed by Changan Automobile UK R&D center, where average per capita R&D experience is more than 25 years.

Not only does this car excel in a technological capacity, it also demonstrates exceptional design elements, drawing on the aesthetic of Changan's stunning concept cars, and maintaining the consistent high-standard of design at Changan Automobile, where exterior profiles perfectly match the temperament of each car.

The CS95's body measurements could be regarded as one of the best on the market. At nearly 5 meters long, more than 1.9 meters wide, and nearly 1.8 meters high, its interior space surpasses many JV brands.Increasing Brand Strength, Leading "Technological Rides".

At this year's Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Changan Automobile will demonstrate the progress made in the intelligent drive area. To accelerate the R&D of intelligent technology, Changan has been working with Tsinghua, Bosch, MIT, and MTC to strengthen its technical force in Silicon Valley.

Changan has already incorporated more than 60 innovations in intelligent technology, over three areas of intelligent interconnection, intelligent interaction, and intelligent drive. Particularly impressive is its highway driverless technology, which has been validated through multiple trials, and provides a solid foundation for Changan to advance in the mass production of intelligent technologies.

Before the Beijing Auto Show, Changan successfully accomplished the 2000KM driverless test, making it the world's second and China's first automaker to achieve a long-distance self-drive. The driverless car arrived at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, applying its multi-sensor and information technology to interact with a dazzled audience from "distance zero".

Changan Automobile's intelligent interconnection technology is represented by the “in Call 5.0” intelligent interconnection test bed. The “in Call 5.0” intelligent interconnection focuses on the user interaction experience, and integrates multi-screen interaction, mobile internet device, personalized themes, driving assistant, 3D UI, and touch-less controller, all into one unit, creating a superior intelligent interconnection experience. At the same time, three core intelligent interconnection technologies co-produced by Changan and Baidu, CarLife, MyCar and CoDriver, are also presented.

At the Beijing Auto Show, Changan Automobile presented several popular vehicle models, displaying 2016 versions of the EADO series, the new Benni EV, EADO PHEV, and the CS75. In addition, by exhibiting the CS75's PHEV all-wheel drive system, EADO PHEV dissection vehicle, CS95 four-wheel drive chassis, BLUE CORE 1.5TDPI concept machine, and a laser-radar real-time dynamic demonstration system, Changan shows its achievements in intelligent driving, intelligent interconnection, new energy vehicles, and high-efficient power.

Changan launches its high-end model the CS95. This car reflects the brands R&D strength, and makes Changan a leader among Chinese independent brands' full-size SUV market.

We are looking forward to seeing what outstanding innovations Changan comes up with next.