• CS75

    Urban-edged Styling

    • Strong stance, with smooth styling details

    • Bold geometric headlamps convey uncompromising strength

    • Alloy wheels cut and shaped to take on any terrain

    • Heated, folding exterior mirrors

    • Tough, fractal construction front grille design

  • Experience Driving Comfort

    A relaxing driver’s space, elevated from the world outside

    • Long 2700 mm wheelbase

    • Panoramic electronic sunroof, with an infinite view of the horizon

    • Sporty leather seats, comfortable on both long and short journeys

  • Power and Strength

    Power for all your adventures

    • Powered by Blue Core powertrains

    • Aisin’s six-speed advanced automated manual transmission (AMT)

    • With the CS75’s top level 2.0 variable valve timing (VVT) engine bringing both high power and torque levels, drivers can take on anything the road may bring

    • With the standard 1.8T turbo powered engine, you are ready for your greatest adventures

  • Multi-Dimensional Safety

    Equipped with

    • Blind spot monitoring system

    • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

    • Intelligent-visible parking assist system

    • Comprehensive six airbag interior safety system

    • Electric power steering

    • Electric parking brake control

    • Electronic stability program

    CS75 provides you with a comprehensive package of safety technology.

  • CS75

    Vehicle Specifications

    Overall length(mm) 4650
    Overall width(mm) 1850
    Overall height(mm) 1695, 1705
    Wheelbase(mm) 2700
    Engine type BlueCore 2.0L VVT Engine / BlueCore 1.8T Turbo Engine
    Displacement(cc) 1998
    Maximum output(Kw/rpm) 116/5000-5500, 116/5500-6000
    Maximum torque(N·m/rpm) 200/4000-4500, 230/1700-5000
  • EADO

    Fashionable Design

    The ingenious merging of sharp lines and curved surfaces creates a dynamic and stylish persona for EADO. EADO is truly a wonderful achievement in international vehicle styling, design, and charm.

  • Comfortable Driving

    An enlightened interior design creates a human space that is highly comfortable and intuitive. Interior features are thoughtfully placed within easy reach. EADO makes each journey enjoyable.

  • Robust Power

    Everyone notices a fast and agile sedan. With our new fuel efficient and powerful Blue Core 1.5T GDI turbocharged direct injection engine, EADO ignites your passion and fulfills your desire for speed.

  • 5-Star Safety

    Safety is no accident. This is why we employ a comprehensive approach to collision avoidance and protection. As the first Chinese vehicle brand to achieve five-stars in the C-NCAP safety assessment program (2012), EADO comes equipped with an extensive series of safety features. EADO has the perfect combination of power and safety, allowing you to drive with confidence.

  • EADO

    Vehicle Specifications

    Overall length(mm) 4620
    Overall width(mm) 1820
    Overall height(mm) 1490
    Wheelbase(mm) 2660
    Engine type BlueCore DVVT DOHC all aluminum alloy engine
    Displacement(cc) 1598
    Maximum output(kW) 92/6000
    Maximum torque(Nm) 160/4000-5000